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Xarth is a coastal port in the south and the oldest city in Loorou, Its closest neighbour being Orvain to the east. Being a seaport, Xarth is a vibrant hub of commerce and a connection for Loorou with the outside world. One of the most diverse cities in Loorou, you can find almost anything in Xarth. Almost.

Day in and out, shipments of goods arrive at and leave Xarth owing to its location and size. There is no defacto ruler of Xarth and it is instead governed by the machinations of the Counting House.

City of Shrines[]

They say commerce runs like a river through the streets of Xarth. But so does belief. Every crossroads in Xarth has some small shrine or temple to some obscure godling or forgotten deity. And that is not to count the established religions whose grand temples and cathedrals dot the city. Knights Templar and Paladins of this or that religious order are a common sight roaming Xarth's winding streets as are priests in their variously coloured robes, wreathed in clouds of incense and attars. Chanting of prayers and choirs singing hymns compete with the hubbub of Xarth's markets to make up the background noise of the city.

No self-respecting Xartheen will begin the day without visiting their deity of choice to seek a blessing. The Xartheen contribute generously to their chosen religious orders, which makes the temples of Xarth an integral and influential part of the commercial fabric of the city. Holy blessings are freely traded for coin and a claim to religious power is considered as bankable as a valuable trading relationship.

Any religion, cult or holy order with any ambition to increase their standing in Loorou would consider Xarth the perfect city to begin in, given the ready access to followers and money.

Factions Present[]

Notable Establishments[]

  • Bloodwell, a temple of the Creed
  • Big Wizard Group (BWG) Brew Sky: Towards the more upscale parts of the market lies BWG Brew Sky, a craft brewery known for it's slightly more experimental brews. Catering to the more refined palate of travelers to Xarth, the brewery has become a major hit among city folk and travelers alike, forcing them to think of rapid expansion plans.

Notable NPCs[]

  • Glowkindle: A kindly gnome who runs the BWG Brew Sky, although it is strongly suggested that there may be some hidden partners in his enterprise.

Nearby Locations[]