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Brief Description[]

The Twelfth Arrow is an upmarket tavern and hostelry located in Orvain, overlooking the Newmarket Common. It has been owned by a couple of generations of the dragonborn Kelthriss family and is currently in the hands of Yfania Kelthriss, a female dragonborn of middle years. Her son Ardonel can usually be found behind the bar in the taproom.

The Twelfth Arrow is known to be one of the more respectable establishments of its kind in Orvain, attracting a clientele that is comfortably-off but not rich. It occupies a large three-storeyed structure which opens onto the Common Boulevard, with a stableyard behind the main building which opens onto a side road that leads towards the Knacker's Yard district. It has a large taproom that is frequented by Orvain locals, as well as a number of comfortable rooms in the upper storeys. There is also a bathhouse and laundry adjoining the stableyard.


The taproom at the Arrow is usually packed of an evening, being a favourite haunt of the residents of Orvain as well as the various visitors to Orvain who are staying in the rooms above. It is a large but warm room, paneled with patterned wood on the floors and the walls. There are long trestle tables where most locals sit. There is a tradition at the Arrow (mostly only kept by locals) that you take whichever seat is available at one of the trestle tables, squeezing in where there is room. Groups only sit together if they come in early enough - otherwise, you drink and eat with whoever it is your fortune to be seated next to.

Ale at the Arrow is served by the 'arm' - a curious measure unique to the Arrow, which is a full stein about the width of a saucer, and as tall as the length of a human forearm.

The taproom also has a few private booths that can be rented by the hour, where more private business can be conducted away from prying ears.

The boarding rooms at the Arrow are generally well appointed and kept meticulously clean, making it the establishment of choice for any visitors to Orvain who are not starved for coin. The Arrow has smaller rooms for one or two people, larger bunkrooms for larger groups who don't mind bunking together, as well as a couple of larger suites on the top floor.

The stables at the rear of the Arrow are not extensive, but are once again well equipped and the stablehands will take good care of any horseflesh entrusted to them. There is also a bathhouse across the stableyard from the stables, as well as a laundry.


The rates charged at the Twelfth Arrow are listed below

Item/Service Cost
Ale (arm) 2 sp
Wine, common (arm) 2 sp
Wine, fine (bottle) 5 gp
Liqour (per shot) 1 sp
Trencher of bread, cheese and stew 2 sp
Platter of grilled meats 5 sp
Special (changes daily) 5 sp
Lodging (bunkroom, per person) 5 sp
Lodging (private room) 8 sp
Lodging (suite) 2 gp
Meals (with lodging) 5 sp
Hot bath (in the bathhouse) 3 sp
Feed and lodging for a horse 1 sp


Influx Week 2[]

  • Flynngar summons a group of disparate adventurers to the Twelfth Arrow, to take on a mission for him. They meet in the taproom and then once Flynngar arrives, meet with him and Brother Witsel of the Creed of the Clotted Pool in a private booth. The party stays the night in the Twelfth Arrow and then leaves Orvain the next morning