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Trinity of Fire is made up of three brothers

Brokk, God of Fire and Light

Sindri, God of Fire and Forge

Tyr, God of Fire and War

Their shrines are located in various places across Loorou, with the peculiarity that there are no idol or picture forms of any of three gods, instead they are marked by three distinct arcane symbols - one for each brother - and shrines usually have a dedicated central space with these three marking that serves as the physical representation of these gods.

The Symbol is an Ornate Glaive, which starts with an ornately carved handle that turns into a lit candle at the base of the glaive-blade, which can be seen melting, and the flame of the candle is in the shape of the glaive-blade, with a circle of light coming from the flame/glaive-blade

The Lit Candle represents Brokk

The Ornate Handle represents Sindri

The Glaive-Head represents Tyr

Notable Churches[]

Church of Mynoar, Residence of the Head-Priestess, Forneahilda "Hilda" Lightmaster

Church of Xarth