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Located near the conflux of the West Ward, North District and Cattlegate areas, the Sticky Dagger is a haunt for all walks of life if they have the coin.

Unlike most Taverns, the actual proprietor of the Dagger does not man the bar but instead has a rotating cast of bartenders that work on a shift basis.

The proprietor, Sasha 'Six Fingers' Stolit, prefers to manage the Tavern through delegation and is only seen if things need a 'delicate touch'.


The tavern is two floors tall and has a cellar. Approximately 1200 sq ft of built up area.

Ground Floor[]

There is plenty of seating present in the Dagger, comfortably seating around 80 to 100 folks at a time. As you enter, the right corner has a stage for performers and a bar on the left side that takes up about 3/4ths of the length. various tables dot the middle of the tavern, with booths along the side for more discerning clientele.

Two staircases directly opposite the entrance in each corner lead to the first floor.

First Floor[]

the first floor has a corridor that splits off into 14 rooms: 6 on each side and 2 in the middle. These range from common quality rooms closer to the stairs to royale suites towards the front of the building. A locked door leads to the second floor that is off limits except for staff.

Second Floor[]

The second floor is accessible through a locked door on the first floor at the far end. The second floor runs the entire length of the Dagger. Select clientele are allowed upstairs by express permission of Ms Stolit.

Sasha 'Six Fingers' Stolit[]


Sasha or, as she prefers to be called, Ms Stolit is a Half-orc woman, approximately 6'2 with grey eyes and white hair. Imposing and lithe, she is the closest thing that the Dagger has in terms of 'management'.

She is well known by the City Watch as a 'person of interest'. There are rumours that Ms Stolit is a member of the Cordonian Thieves guild, but one cannot be sure.

She used to be an adventurer and retired to take control of the Sticky Dagger and its runnings.


  • Ms Stolit is rarely seen on the working floors. There is no clear exit out from the second floor other than the door on the first floor. It can be assumed she lives there and rarely leaves.
  • The 'delicate touch' Ms Stolit was involved in ending up with ten adventurers put through various furniture and bits of dry wall to calm them down.
  • The floor of the Dagger is perpetually sticky. Kind of like when beer has fallen on the floor.
  • It is rumoured that the Dagger is a legitimate business front for the Cordonian Mafia.
  • There is always a Fred in the house in case you want information. It may not be the same Fred.