The Lands of Loorou Wiki

The Pit[]

The Paracombat Investigation Theatre, or the Pit, is an underground research facility based in the catacombs spread underneath Orvain. It is funded by the researchers of the Arcaeum and their grants and through sponsors that pay for the privilege of observing the 'experiments'.

The pit is a 100 ft diameter arena with walls that are 40ft high. The top 10ft has a viewing gallery with various protections, both physical and magical, against harmful effects. This gallery, that surrounds the arena, serves as a safe distance from where to observe the combat.


The purpose of the Pit is to research the various beasts and creatures found in through Loorou, to observe and collate biological information, formulate tactical treatises and perform other experiments under the eye of the Arcaeum Orbis. Occasionally, combatants from the Witchguard will test out their new equipment at the Pit.

On occasion, sponsors who wish to provide their support to researchers will hire mercenaries and adventurers as well-paid research assistants. There are sponsors who will sometimes demand an issue be solved by right of combat - at which point a tourney is declared. The sponsor of the winning team is considered, by law, to be the winner in the argument.

It must be noted that a tourney can only be declared with the express permission of Scrivener's Cabal.


The Pit is run by Rector Param Vere. He oversees the day-to-day running and safety of the Pit and considers it his pride and joy. He is backed up by a team of clerics, healers, caretakers, animal wranglers and other specialists to ensure that the Pit remains accident-free.

How to participate in an experiment[]

Usually, a series of job notices are posted out into Orvain's numerous establishments for individuals that would like to participate in the day's work in the Pit.

Adventurers are allowed to bring their weapons and abilities to bear upon the task at hand. Some experiments have multiple callers and will require adventurers to pass a test.

Combat in the pit is carefully monitored to be under optimal test conditions. As such, the safety of the creatures and the combatants is of the highest priority. Adventurers are allowed throw down their weapons, which will result in teams of caretakers reining in the creatures and ending the experiment. This usually results in non-payment, but medical care and attention is provided.

Rules of the Pit[]

As per law, the Pit has a few rules that are enforced

  • No fighting outside the pit in the research area.
  • No killing is allowed, even if the monster is lethal - the caretakers will ensure that both adventurers and parties do not overdo it.
  • Adventurers are privy to research results based on the particular researcher's discretion
  • External researchers may be allowed, but under prior permission of the Rector.