The Lands of Loorou Wiki


Far to the north of Cordonis lie the Lichfens. This tends to be the extent of common knowledge about them, given that they are completely impassible, and no ordinary folk would have any reason to travel in the direction of the Lichfens or have any dealings with their denizens. It is unclear whether the Lichfens should be considered a country or nation, as it is unknown if there is any central authority or ruler within them.

There is no hard southern border to the Lichfens, as even before one enters the Lichfens proper, climate and vegetation begin to gradually take on a increasing air of fetor and rot and the land itself begins to be dotted with marshes and swamps and filled with loathsome and vile creatures. The Lichfens themselves are mostly impenetrable swamp-land, supposedly dotted with occasional islands whose location is said to be unreliable, never to be found in the same location twice.

The Restless Dead[]

The areas surrounding the Lichfens are also known to host populations of undead - zombies, ghouls and the like, with the incidence increasing as one approaches the Lichfens themselves. This is widely considered to be clear evidence of the presence of malevolent forces within the Lichfens themselves - either powerful dark wizards or liches or... something much worse.

There are whispers in Cordonis of people - adventurers, assassins, practitioners of dark magical arts, who travel into the Lichfens seeking the sorts of dark things that can only be found in such places. Whatever dark powers lurk within the Lichfens are said to extravagantly reward those willing to treat with them and do their bidding in Cordonis and beyond. As with all such bargains, of course, the price is one that most would be reluctant to pay.


As with everything related to the Lichfens, not much is known about Wither except that it is a location within the Lichfens, functionally similar to a capital or a large city. These comparisons are probably incorrect however, as all accounts agree that the Lichfens are not home to any sort of creature that would require a city or capital to live in. It may well be that Wither is merely a concentration of dark power of some kind, rather than an actual settlement. Any parties who know the actual truth of this are not likely to cast any light on the matter.