The Influx is you. Yes, you.

It is what the denizens of the Lands of Loorou have begun (will begin?) to call the sudden spurt of mysterious adventurers from faraway lands arriving in the Lands within a suspiciously compact time period.

The events of the Influx are chronicled below.

Week 1 Edit

The Tower of Sochet Edit

For DMs: A full description of the events of this adventure can be found here.

  • Unnamed party traveled to Stormsedge Cliff, stayed at the Stone Dragon Inn, interacted with Hafthor and the Stormwardens. The Stormwardens are constructing a Chapterhouse at Stormsedge. This will not be completed for 4 weeks of ingame time
  • They were recruited by the Stormwardens to explore the Tower of Sochet
  • At the Tower, they freed Sochet from his imprisonment and entered his service. This created the Sochet's Own faction

Of Dreams and Memories - Session 1 Edit

For DMs: A full description of the events of this adventure can be found here.

Ruby in the Rough Edit

For DMs: A full description of the events of this adventure can be found here.

  • Party travelled to Cordonis to meet Keven Lafayette at the Sticky Dagger. They were tasked with locating and retrieving the famed Dusktear, an ancient item of power that was lost ages ago.
  • Keven claims he is working on Ducal authority and the heirloom is rightfully property of the Duke of Cordonis. The party agrees and travels to Mynoar to gain more information about the Dusktear.
  • At Mynoar, the party finds meets with the priest of the Temple of the Trinity, Rory Callilou, and learns that the Dusktear was last seen in the possession of a tribe of lizard folk that inhabited the area in the Western Cordonade.
  • The Party also meets Daphne 'Daffodil' Ashardelle, a bard and researcher, and Less the Ranger, Daffodil's travels companion. They learn more about the Dusktear from these two and they tag along, with Less scouting ahead.
  • The party, after being ambushed and discovering Less has been captured, make their way to the Kobold warrens and infiltrate it.
  • Their stealth mission is interrupted by a fight and then being chased through the passageways by Kobolds till they end up in a large room. Less is found tied to a stake in the ground.
  • The Basilisk, the Dusktear embedded in its head, enters the room as the party proceeds to fight it off and manage to kill it. The kobolds disperse and the party returns to Cordonis.
  • At Cordonis, they hand off the Dusktear to Keven reluctantly and part with their payment.

Venture Enterprise Edit

For DMs: A full description of the events of this adventure can be found here.

  • Keven sends the newly acquired Dusktear in a sealed box to an individual in Orvain through the adventurers. The delivery party buys 4 identical lockboxes to confuse and confound any assailants.
  • The party from the previous mission accepts a task to intercept and recover the package by the Ramblers.
  • After two nights of tailing them, the previous party sets up an ambush in a copse.
  • A desperate struggle breaks out and eventually two of the four boxes are taken by the attackers.
  • The package does not reach Orvain.

Hammerfall Edit

For DMs: A full description of the events of this adventure can be found here.

  • A patron is poisoned at Sige's Excellent Alehouse and the suspicion falls on Sige.
  • The party who were at the scene celebrating the success of their latest venture is contracted by Sige into clearing his name.
  • Through a series of clues they arrive at a warehouse in the market district guarded by one person who's peacefully dispatched.
  • Inside they discover that it isn't just a warehouse but an abandoned research lab bearing the Starfall crest and motto.
  • After defeating the security system put in place to defend the Inner lab. The party finally meet Subject 17, A mutant created by Starfall.
  • A fight breaks out and after a desperate struggle, the party emerge victorious and collect the sample of the run-off created by the lab that had seeped into the city's water supply. Proof that would clear Sige's name.
  • Unfortunately party is then intercepted at the entrance by Amadeus Vesper VII who offers them an ultimatum; either hand over the proof, a sample of their blood, sign what is essentially an NDA and take 100 gp each or Die.
  • The party chose the former.

Week 2 Edit

With Fang and Forked Tongue Edit

For DMs: A full description of the events of this adventure can be found here.

  • The party is now Sochet's Own. They await instructions from Sochet
  • Orielle brings Warden Elivron to the Tower of Sochet. Elivron gives the party the agreed reward and asks to meet Sochet. Sochet grants audience and is gifted a cloak by Elivron/the Stormwardens
  • Blake sneaks into Sochet's laboratory and notices some arcane experiments. Sochet warns the party against trespassing as the experiments are dangerous
  • Sochet instructs the party to scout the area towards the northwest, which used to be the territory of his sister, Aruset
  • The party encounters Blunk the Ogre, being attacked by gnolls and wolves. The party helps him and he offers to help them in return
  • The party find a temple guarded by gnolls. They infiltrate the temple and are able to get the wolves to attack the gnolls by calling on Aruset. They then defeat the gnolls
  • They retrieve a wolf pelt and place it on remains in the throne room of the temple, resurrecting Aruset and causing the Everstorm to abate.

Remnant's Rest Edit

For DMs: A full description of the events of this adventure can be found here.

  • The party is called to the Twelfth Arrow in Orvain by Flynngar the Craven, to aid him in a mission. They meet Flynngar and a Bleeder priest named Brother Witsel.
  • Flynngar contracts the party to help him find the ruins of the Hidden Academy, where the Shattered Remnant made its last stand, to find the remains of the Remnant and give them a decent burial.
  • The party is joined by Unshorn followers of Brother Witsel. They are suspicious of his motives and sneakily observe him doing creepy things.
  • The party find the ruins of the Hidden Academy and enter an underground structure, where they are attacked by ghostly figures. They clear out the underground structure and find the remains of Altai Skyhammer.
  • Altai admonishes Flynngar for bringing Brother Witsel to this place. The Bleeders attack but are defeated when one of the party members is able to burn all the Unshorn to death.
  • Flynngar warns that the Bleeders now know the location of the Hidden Academy and will likely attack in force.

Of Dreams and Memories - Session 2 Edit

  • The party and the old friends of Lord Rupert are assaulted by Dreamers in the tavern, who scatter. Sleeping Gnome is burnt down in the process.
  • Xarth declares curfew, as charred bodies are found in the tavern, which are claimed to be of the esteemed Lady Lasita and friends. The party is framed for their murder.
  • With her old accomplices in the wind, Lady Alice charters the help of a second set of adventurers. But, both Axe and Lady Brianna survives and are brought to The Adamite Estate
  • The new party heals Axe, assembles the key with Brianna's help and heads out to the Lone Clocktower to try and open one of the gates to the House of Many Doors
  • Clocktower seems to have aged a century over a week. They unravel its mystery and use it to open a portal to the House of Many Doors
  • Party-2 is the attacked by a sortie of Ixitxachitl and a Chaos Quadrupod, who they defeat at the cost of one fellow adventurer being dragged down the abyss along with the lifeless body of the quadrupod.
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