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The Dreamers are a cult of ascetic augurs who principally congregate in Xarth. More than divination of the future, they seem to help people either remember or forget their memories. The Dreamer's mysterious attunement to Sol Tidiem by virtue of an annual pilgrimage made by one of their own is discussed with hushed tones across taverns and bazaars of Loorou.

Their rumoured sanctum is named The House that Was, a place that only exists in faded memories, but never in the real.


If you are walking by the docks of Xarth, or its meandering markets steeped in the dank smell of ale and spices, there is an oft chance that you might encounter sudden hives of people clad in purple robes and misshapen gold or silver tinted masks standing in close knit circles and murmuring in some forgotten uncanny language. The passing crowd would seem to pay no heed to these transfixed throngs other than gentle shoves to make way for themselves. These are the Dreamers of Xarth, the worshippers of He Who Was, a forgotten deity whose domain was stolen from him. He, who was betrayed by his angel.

On the eve of the third day of The Fading, the Dreamers gather around the Docks of Xarth to send one of their own for the annual pilgrimage to Sol Tidiem, the Isles of Memory. Then they wait for three months for the pilgrim, or He Who Was Sent to come back to them. Most of the Sent do come back, but the Archives of Xarth has tomes on Those Who Were Lost. By the last day of The Drawing Down, The Sent might return. If they do then a sombre silence and fast for three more days are followed by The Dreamers. At the end of the fast, The Sent ascends as The Dreamers’ unequivocal leader, The Auspex.

Sometime during the feasts and celebrations that follow, the previous Auspex is forgotten. No one would ever remember an Auspex who was, but is not. The fabled disappearance enshrouds The Dreamers in eerie mystery. Folks say they can make entire cities forget or remember if they so wish. The arrival of a dreamer in a far off city is thus always met of silence and fear.

Folks would still flock to a Dreamer’s House of Seance, which are small but extravagant tents that they set up as they travel. Some would wish to forget their pain, some would want to remember the location of a treasure buried by their great-great-grandparents. Come what may, it is said, no one who has visited a Dreamer leaves the same person. The Dreamers are rumoured to hold your memories for ransom, in payment for the help you seek.

Known Members[]

The Auspex (The One who Was Returned)[]


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