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A recent phenomenon, the Creed of the Clotted Pool has established itself in Xarth and is rapidly expanding. For those that can stomach its fascination with blood, pain and ritual sacrifice, the Creed (members of which are commonly and pejoratively referred to as 'Bleeders' or 'Leeches') offers newly-acquired riches and vast power.

Strangely, the Creed does not appear to worship a particular deity, instead offering their prayers to the pools of blood that their temples are centred on, and which are filled with the offerings of blood made by followers from livestock, and from their own bodies. It is said that the Clotted Pool returns any offering sevenfold.

The Bloodwell[]

This building in the heart of Xarth was originally an imposing and ornate bathhouse that had been abandoned and fallen into disrepair. The Creed has occupied and repurposed the building and it is now the nerve centre of their activities. The original structure made of large blocks of variously coloured granite mostly remains intact, while the Creed has commenced restoring it and adding decorative fixtures, including massive main doors of beaten rose gold.

The baths within the Bloodwell have been converted into pools to collect offerings of blood from the followers of the Creed, which the followers then offer prayers to.

The Creed does not appear to be secretive; the doors of the Bloodwell are open day and night, admitting a steady stream of followers as well the occasional curious gawker who is mostly left alone.

The large public commons behind the Bloodwell has been taken over by the tents and campfires of the Unshorn.


Brother Witsel[]

Brother Witsel and his band of Unshorn are currently (as of Influx Week 2) operating around Orvain. He is a cadaverously thin human or half-elf, with a serious face etched with prominent wrinkles, and a deep, sonorous voice. He travels with a group of Unshorn, whose number he tries to add to with recruits from during his travels.

Brother Witsel does not appear to eat, instead distributing leeches to his Unshorn followers, which he then collects back and drains into his own mouth. He does not do this obviously or ostentatiously, but does not bother to hide it either. His Unshorn follow his commands without question, seemingly also beyond any instinct of self-preservation.

An indicative statblock for Brother Witsel is below.

Brother Witsel Statblock.jpg

The Unshorn[]

Referred to unflatteringly as the Unwashed, the Unshorn are the Bleeder militia. What they lack in discipline, equipment or training, they make up for in fervour and their sheer numbers. They are named after their hair, which is worn long and open and is dipped into the pools of blood in the Bloodwell for blessing, giving the Unshorn a unique... aroma.

An indicative statblock for the Unshorn is below.

Unshorn Statblock.jpg


Influx Week 2[]

  • Brother Witsel and a company of Unshorn accompany Flynngar the Craven and a group of adventurers to find the ruins of the Hidden Academy and the remains of the Shattered Remnant
  • When the ruins are found, Brother Witsel and the Unshorn attack the adventurers but are defeated