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The Blossoms of Orvain are what the commonfolk of the Lands call the four daughters of Scrivener Ashardelle of Orvain. They are named so for their legendary beauty, and also for the beautiful flowers that fill the woods and fields surrounding Orvain and the markets within it.

The Blossoms[]

From oldest to youngest, the Blossoms are listed below.

  • The Jasmine, Sabelle of Orvain, a powerful druidess and wife of Duke Renfri Cordone III, currently in Cordonis
  • The Tulip, [name], an adventurer and explorer, whereabouts currently unknown
  • The Lily, [name and description]
  • The Daffodil, Daphne, a traveling minstrel who is famous throughout the lands. She is known to perform from time to time at Mayhew's Menagerie