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Brief Description[]

The Stormwardens are a newly-formed Order of Knights. They were very recently a band of adventurers, but after a quest into the Stormwood to rescue a trapper's daughter being held captive by goblins, they returned to Stormsedge wearing dark shimmery cloaks with clasps shaped like the head of a dragon. They now refer to themselves as the Stormwardens. They are (as of Influx Week 1) in the process of constructing a Chapterhouse at Stormsedge. They intend to explore the Stormwood to discover its secrets.

They can usually be found at Stormsedge or at the Stone Dragon, of an evening.


  • Warden Elivron Bryssh, an elven ranger, is usually the most talkative of the Stormwardens although he does not appear to hold any particular rank


Influx Week 1[]

  • The Stormwardens are met at the Stone Dragon by an unnamed party of adventurers. They offer to pay the adventurers 50 GP each to investigate a mysterious tower in the Stormwood.

Influx Week 2[]

  • Orielle tells the Stormwardens about Sochet's release and the creation of Sochet's Own. At the same time, the chest found in the Tomb of the Nightwardens opens on its own, revealing a cloak similar to that worn by the Stormwardens, with a clasp shaped like the head of a lizard. Taking this as a sign, Warden Elivron travels with Orielle to the Tower of Sochet, and presents the cloak to Sochet. Sochet accepts it, although he says that he will not wear it before investigating it first