The Lands of Loorou Wiki

Brief Description[]

The Stone Dragon Innn is situated at Stormsedge Cliff and acts as a staging point for adventurers seeking to explore the Stormwood, as well as a trading post for the few hardy souls who call the Stormwood itself home. It is run by Hafthor, a young dwarf, and his human wife Nyla. The inn is built under the shade of the outstretched wing of the stone dragon, and has two stories.


The Stone Dragon is a simple, rustic inn, with very limited facilities. It has a small taproom, with a few trestle tables and benches for patrons, with a kitchen and Hafthor and Nyla's room at the back. Upstairs is a common bunkroom, as well as a couple of private rooms. The prices at the Stone Dragon are generally slightly higher than those in the more populated parts of Loorou, as a result of the effort required to transport goods to Stormsedge. To compensate for this, Hafthor allows people to bunk down in the taproom at night at no cost, if they so choose.

Notable NPCs[]

  • Hafthor Kettergard, one of the owners of the Stone Dragon
  • Nyla, one of the owners of the Stone Dragon
  • The Stormwardens can usually be found in the Stone Dragon in the evening
  • The Stormwardens are sometimes accompanied by Orielle Lemontongue. When she is at the Stone Dragon, she will perform a short set every evening, mostly comprised of old favourites, although she will also try out songs she has been working on


Influx Week 1[]

  • A party of adventurers stayed at the Stone Dragon for a night. They spoke with Hafthor and the Stormwardens and were recruited by the Stormwardens to investigate the Tower of Sochet. They left the next morning, accompanied by Orielle, and entered the Stormwood