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“I saw it,

A large wall as black as the night sky lined with the skulls of dead men and from within, howls of agony.”


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  Located deep in the heart of the Cordonade mountains, Starfall Academy prides itself on being at the cutting edge of Science and Magic.  The precise location however is matter of dispute among scholars who are plagued by misinformation. Some sources say it is a castle made of pure obsidian, drinking all but the brightest rays of sunlight that fall upon its black walls. Others claim it to be inside the mountains themselves furthermore they claim that it is not castle but a city built by carving up the mountains themselves. The truth of the matter however is known only to the members of Starfall themselves.

  Members are typically recruited after having shown prowess in the fields of magic, the sciences and in rare cases even combat. In some exceptional cases however, the Academy takes special effort to recruit individuals of extraordinary talents by sending one of the few members of the faculty. These rare sightings are the only glimpses those in the know have to Starfall’s upper echelons. 

The Monitors[]

The shadowy agents of Starfall. Very little is known about these elusive figures for most people who meet seem to develop a rather peculiar habit of jumping out of windows.However, many scholars posit that the monitors might be a fiction created by Starfall to further their mystique. Whatever truth there is to the matter who can say really except those at Starfall.

The Faculty[]

The "teaching" staff at Starfall. Exceptional members of their field . Their exact numbers are unknown and the reports seem to vary from five to fifty. These bright young minds are drawn to Starfall with the promise of unlimited funding in order to pursue their research into things frowned upon by polite society or things considered too strange to pursue by even the Scrivener's Cabal's standards.


  Among the many mysteries that surround Starfall none are more captivating than the ones surrounding its current head Amadeus Vesper VII. Said to have an Imposing presence Amadeus is said to be the most progressive of the heads of the Intuition. Fundamentally changing how the academy operates The most famous of these changes being allowing third party merchants to trade the Academy agents rather than hunt down materials themselves which was proving to be a costly affair.