The Lands of Loorou Wiki

This is a place for DMs to dump all the lore and worldbuilding ideas that their players completely ignored, bounced off hard, or just destroyed without ever interacting with. Or just the half-assed ones that don’t fit anywhere else and they don’t know what to do with. Drop them all in one place and let’s see what happens!


The Isles of Memory are a strange place, source of myth, legend and endless speculation and really, nothing much else. They neither buy nor sell any trade goods, meaning no trading ships ever call there. None of the natives of the Isles appear to have any interest in visiting the mainland, and only lone adventurers or small parties of warriors appear show any inclination to visit the Isles themselves. Of those that do, the vast majority never return - their fates unknown. Those that do return appear subtly changed, but not in a manner that anyone can pinpoint, and they refuse to speak of their time and experiences on Sol Tidiem.


Common Knowledge[]

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