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Brief Description[]

Sochet's Own are a newly-created faction, in service to Sochet. They are headquartered at the Tower of Sochet in the Stormwood. Their purpose is to investigate the Stormwood, try and discover those responsible for imprisoning Sochet and enact his revenge on them. They are also attempting to learn the fate of the other War Captains of the Dravian Empire, of whom they have successfully found and released Aruset.

Current Members[]

  • Bruce Wayne, High Elf Wizard
  • Blake Nomura, Halfling Rogue
  • Duncan Divinestorm, Human Paladin
  • Elsa Warrior, Human Fighter
  • Henry the Skulk, Gnome Rogue
  • Keto, Changeling Bard
  • Voodoo Princess, Dragonborn Sorceror


Influx Week 1[]

  • Sochet's Own was formed when a party of adventurers attempted to investigate the Tower of Sochet, released Sochet from his imprisonment and entered his service

Influx Week 2[]

  • Sochet instructed the party to scout the area to the northeast of the Tower of Sochet, to try and find information about his sister Aruset. They were successful in finding her temple and releasing her from her imprisonment.