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Brief Description[]


Sochet the Thrice-Damned, Suzerain of Lightning, one of the nine War Captains of the Dravian Empire is a newly-awakened god. He controls the faction known as Sochet's Own. He appears as a ten-foot tall humanoid lizard, appearing to be a powerful warrior, but also appearing to some level of magical ability. He currently occupies the Tower of Sochet in the Stormwood.


Not much is known about Sochet's origins beyond those he has volunteered - that he was one of the War Captains of the Dravian Empire. Since the origins of the Dravian Empire and the cause of its fall are themselves lost in the mists of time, his volunteering this information is of very little utility. He states, however, that he is determined to discover who was responsible for his being imprisoned in his tower for the centuries since the fall of the Dravian Empire, and exacting revenge.

More information is likely to come to light in due course.


Sochet is not at all well known and therefore does not have many followers, if any. He does seem to have some lizardfolk who serve him. It has been revealed that he is creating the lizardfolk himself, by the use of arcane arts.

He has recruited a band of adventurers to his service, naming them Sochet's Own.


There are currently no known shrines or places of worship dedicated to Sochet.


Sochet currently has no known clergy.


Influx Week 1[]

  • Sochet was discovered by a party of adventurers and released from his imprisonment. They have sworn service to him.

Influx Week 2[]

  • The members of Sochet's Own discover that Sochet is creating an army of lizardfolk followers.
  • Sochet is visited by Elivron, one of the Stormwardens. He is presented a cloak by Elivron, similar to those worn by the Stormwardens, but fastened with a lizard-head clasp. Sochet professes himself pleased and offers to do a service for the Stormwardens in return.
  • Sochet tasks Sochet's Own with exploring the areas of the Stormwood to the northeast, once controlled by his sister, Aruset.