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Brief Description[]

Orvain is a small city in the east of the Lands of Loorou. Its main function is to support the Arcaeum Orbis, also known as the Great Library of Orvain and the various establishments that themselves provide services to the Arcaeum, be they bookbinders, tanners, scribes or hostels and taverns catering to the constant stream of visitors wishing to consult with the Keepers of the Arcaeum, or, on payment of a generous fee, the tomes within the Arcaeum themselves.

The Arcaeum Orbis[]

The Arcaeum was established by Scrivener's Cabal around the same time as the Hidden Academy. While [blahblah], the founders of the Hidden Academy, believed that they would find safety in secrecy, the Cabal believed the opposite - that safety would be found in strength of arms. Time appears to have proven the Cabal right, as the Hidden Academy was both found and destroyed a couple of decades prior to the Influx , while the Arcaeum continues to thrive and expand.

The Arcaeum is housed within a massively fortified keep at the northern edge of Orvain. It has within recorded history expanded multiple times, purchasing large neighbouring portions of Orvain and then enclosing them within its massive walls.

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Scrivener's Cabal[]

Orvain was established by Scrivener Ashardelle and her Cabal of magic-users and the Cabal continue to rule Orvain. Neither Ashardelle nor the other members of the Cabal are seen in public except during the Solstice Fete every year.

The Witchguard[]

The Cabal's rule is enforced by the Witchguard. They could be likened to a town constabulary, except they are exhaustively trained and extravagantly equipped, and make extensive use of magical equipment. A large proportion of the Witchguard are magic users.

The Proscription[]

The Cabal has taken note of the fate of many famous libraries through history and consequently flame is Proscribed within the boundaries of Orvain, whether created by mundane sources or magical. Any visitors to Orvain will required to report to the Witchguard at the gates of Orvain, and surrender any firemaking equipment. The use of magic is closely watched within Orvain, for the purpose of regulating the use of fire spells. Any use of fire spells will attract the immediate arrival of the Witchguard, and result in swift and violent expulsion from Orvain, with a permanent prohibition from ever reentering.


Arcaeum Orbis[]

The Arcaeum occupies a massive walled keep at the northern edge of Orvain. Within the walls of the keep is the hulking structure of the library itself - one massive fortified building, which is continually being expanded. It is large enough to be a self-contained district of Orvain. A large portion of the folk who work within the Arcaeum also have their quarters within its walls, but there are also a large number of workers who stay outside, within Orvain, and go through the keep walls every morning and evening. The resident population of the Library is possibly larger than that of the rest of Orvain put together.

The Bogs[]

Sitting at the southern edge of Orvain lies the district of the Bogs.  Persistently neglected, this district is home to the underprivileged section of the society in Orvain as well as the less affluent visitors and students of the Arcaeum.  Relatively smaller tenements are cramped together along the streets as the hustle and bustle in this district is a far cry from the serene and lavish opulence on display at the Arcaeum.  Life in the Bogs is steeped in history as the earliest settlement of Orvain originated from the Bogs.  It was only much later when the construction of the Arcaeum Orbis began that denizens spread out into what is today the city of Orvain.  The classic, somewhat rundown architecture in all the buildings across the Bogs is in stark contrast to many of the modern construction seen throughout the rest of the city.  The residents of the Bogs are generally peaceful, law abiding citizens many of whom have lived here for generations.  They mostly take up employment as low level jobs at the Arcaeum or in one of its ancillary businesses.  The Bogs is the most densely populated district in Orvain but that does not deter its residents from finding a place for themselves in this city.  The most popular and lively place to spend an evening at the Bogs is the Tap & Brew - a charming little tavern that offers cheap drink and raucous entertainment.


The Broken Spine in Dovecote is a cheap tavern frequented by staff of the Arcaeum.

Knacker's Yard[]


The Twelfth Arrow is situated in Newmarket, overlooking the Common.



Notable Locations[]

  • The Twelfth Arrow, a respectable tavern and inn adjacent to the Newmarket Common
  • The Broken Spine, a cheap tavern in Dovecote
  • The Tap & Brew, a charming tavern in the Bogs which offers cheap drink and entertainment
  • The Shalespin Cafe, a small cozy coffee shop and bakery that is located adjunct to the Arcaeum Orbis
  • The Engraving Pen, a bookbinding store located in the Knacker's Yard district of Orvain

Notable NPCs[]

  • Ardonel Kelthriss, young male dragonborn, son of Yfania
  • Scrivener Ashardelle
  • Yfania Kelthriss, middle-aged female dragonborn, owner of the Twelfth Arrow
  • Captain Amadeus Tusk, tiefling male, one of the captains of the Witchguard and currently posted at the Arcaeum Orbis
  • Lorekeeper Yverna, elderly half elf female, a council member of the lorekeepers within the Arcaeum Orbis
  • Bjorchek Fenume, half orc male, owner of the bookbinding store - the Engraving Pen
  • Oswin Godwell, human teenager male, second son to Orson Godwell and Minera Godwell - the Godwells being one of the largest benefactors and patrons of the Arcaeum Orbis
  • Clarice, human non binary - town crier in the city of Orvain

Surrounding Areas[]

  • Astoria Forests - A lush and vibrant forest area that sprawls on the south-western side just outside the walls of the city of Orvain. The flora and fauna within the forest provide great source of nourishment to the city of Orvain. Common folklore in the city and tales meant to scare the children are set in the Astoria forests and involves a large number of beasts that roam through this jungle.


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