The Lands of Loorou Wiki

Brief Description[]

Orielle is a young gnome bard, who travels the Lands looking for adventures that she can then write songs about. She has been traveling for years now but hasn't managed to get into any famous adventures until very recently, when she witnessed the creation of the Stormwardens, although she chose not to take the oath along with them and join them. She loves meeting adventurers and has been known to ask to accompany them on their travels so that she can observe what they get up to and, if they do something suitably heroic, write a song about it.

She occasionally performs ballads that she is working on regarding the adventures she has had. While the songs are still rough, Orielle has a definite power to her showmanship, and an ability to paint vivid pictures with her voice and performance.

As a companion, she is friendly, cheerful and low maintenance and will help out with combat and healing abilities wherever needed.

General Whereabouts[]

Orielle sometimes accompanies the Stormwardens on their forays into the Stormwood. She is also known to be on good terms with Sochet's Own, having accompanied them on the adventure that resulted in Sochet being released from his imprisonment. At other times, she stays at the Stone Dragon Inn.

Illsi's Song[]

Orielle performs this song any opportunity she gets. It is still apparently a work in progress because the wording and tune are being constantly improved.

Woke up this morning from the strangest dream

I was with the greatest party the Lands have ever seen  

We were journeying the Stormwood  

To rescue Illsi Willen  


We started out seeking fortune and glory   

It's a short song but it's a hell of a story  

When you spend a lifetime trying to get your hands  

On Illsi Willen

But have you heard about the Nightwarden Tomb?

We ran into goblins, nearly met our doom    

We searched the four corners of the Wood  

For Illsi Willen

We were full of beans but we were dying like flies  

Those great dark creatures they were circling in the sky  

And you know what they say  

Nobody deserves to die  

Oh I, I've been searching for an easy way to escape the cold light of day  

I've been high and I've been low but I've got nowhere else to go  

All the party scattered, we were hiding in the dark 

So far from the Stone Dragon we just barely made it back  

We had no way to know  

If there was anything left of Illsi Willen

We went back again, Stabby Jo and me both  

We got Illsi back, the party swore an Oath  

But when all is done  

We did it for Illsi Willen  

Oh yes  

We found Illsi Willen


Influx Week 1[]

  • Orielle accompanied an unnamed party into the Stormwood, where they discovered the Tower of Sochet, released Sochet from his imprisonment and formed Sochet's Own

Influx Week 2[]

  • Orielle travelled to Stormsedge Cliff and returned with one of the Stormwardens. She then accompanied Sochet's Own in their adventure to scout the area northeast of the Tower of Sochet, finding the Temple of Aruset and releasing Aruset from her imprisonment