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Brief Description[]

Markhiv's Post is a guildhall of sorts for caravan guards and other types of hired muscle in Cordonis. The Post, as it is commonly referred to in some circles, is owned and operated by Markhiv Armugha, an old and impressively battle-scarred dragonborn. It functions out of a nondescript shack in the Cattlegate district and acts in some ways like a glorified job board. Nobles, trading houses and others in Cordonis who need guards for caravans or establishments find it a convenient and reliable place to hire from. Markhiv on his part ensures that guards that he assigns to jobs are competent and reliable.

Jobs and Rates[]

Markhiv will accept on his roster any adventurer who has come through a reference from another adventurer who is already rostered at the Post. The Post is usually the first port of call for adventurers new to Cordonis, although if they do not have a letter of introduction, their visit is likely to be wasted.

Markhiv will also accept any member of the Cordonade Tribes, as they can be assumed to know the ways of the Tribes and therefore be both competent and reliable. His terms are extremely straightforward - jobs pay 10GP per person per day or part thereof. For multi-day jobs, half of the pay is taken upfront. This makes it easy and clear for adventurers and employers alike.

Any employer who does not pay promptly or argues about dues is immediately blacklisted and can never use Markhiv's services again. There is an unwritten code among the warriors in Cordonis who use the Post that they will not work with an establishment or person blacklisted by Markhiv and therefore employers make efforts to remain in his good books. Similarly, warriors who do not deliver on their assignment or betray their employers can no longer expect to receive work from the Post and elsewhere in Cordonis as well.

It is almost certain that Markhiv can help put together specialised teams for more bespoke jobs, but those services are not commonly advertised.


Unlike other guildhalls, the Post has no concessions to comfort. It is a small one-room shack with a desk and a few chairs. Tough-looking types can be seen wandering in and out at all hours of the day, but nobody tarries much beyond waiting their turn to speak to Markhiv, or to take on a job.


Straight on Till Dawn[]

  • A party takes on a job from the Post to escort priests of Dallgrim from the Temple of the Dawn to Dawnstone Hall. Shenanigans ensue.