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Kellvor of the Glade

Kellvor of the Glade, also known as Kellvor Dreamthief is the God of dreams (both good and bad) and ambition. Most commonly taking the form of a centaur-like being, Kellvor is often a silent observer of the dreams of the folk of the Lands. People are generally reluctant to attract the attention of Kellvor as every time he is summoned, he will grant a single dream to the summoner, while taking away a single dream in exchange. The issue is that the summoner has no control over what dreams are given or taken away meaning that a good dream could be taken away by Kellvor, and a nightmare be granted in its stead. The converse is also possible.

Almost any of the folk of Loorou will confirm that they have at least once had a dream where they have seen Kellvor in the distance, observing them. Some have this dream more frequently than others, while a very few will never be visited by Kellvor at all. It is known through the lands as the Thiefdream.

It is also said that those who achieve their dreams can gain Kellvor's favour.


Kellvor is a god of the wild places of the Land and his followers are therefore drawn largely from the races that stay away from settlements and built up areas. His followers are the folk of the wild places: Elves, Halflings, Dryads, Centaurs and the like. Conversely, very few Humans or Dwarves number among Kellvor's followers.


Not much is known about Kellvor's priesthood, or even whether one exists at all.


Kellvor has no physical shrines, as far as common knowledge goes, although it is possible that one of Xarth's many forgotten shrines could have been dedicated to him in the distant past. However, small offerings to Kellvor can occasionally be found in wild places, taking the form of a small bundle of feathers, tree bark and bone that are placed in the crook of a shade tree. Prudent folk generally avoid sleeping in the shade of any tree in the Lands that they have not inspected carefully first.