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Far to the north, in the volcanic caverns beneath Mount Tethra, lies the stronghold of the Fire Knights. From their ancient halls, they ride atop mighty contraptions of belching smoke steel, preserving order with fire-blade and flame lance.


Tethra-Amon, the Blazing Heart of the Mountain, is the subterranean fortress of the Fire Knights, an ancient and noble order of warriors and artificers.

The primary complex is located within a colossal cavern, connected to many smaller chambers, tunnels and grottos like branching veins. Pyramids and ziggurats of the Great Fraternities and other landmarks rise above the smaller flat roofed buildings of the lower castes, the streets straight and expertly carved, with perfectly fashioned tiles and breathtaking bas reliefs.

Trade occupies every waking moment in the mountain fortress, with ambassadors from far and wide bargaining for precious metals, gems and other rare goods the mountain folk control.

The last of the dwarves languish here, numbering in their hundreds, toiling and tinkering over new and arcane science.

The Lost Roads are a winding complex of tangled, unpatrolled and primeval tunnels that extend beyond the edges of Tethra-Amon's garrisoned borders. Few explorers brave these shafts, as most do not return, but those that do report veins of iron ore ripe for the taking. Unfortunately, they also report plague worms, acidic oozes, choking spore fungi and worse besides. Legend suggests the Lost Roads eventually make their way to the northern side of the ranges, and the Pale Wastes beyond. But if that is so, none have made the journey in centuries.




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