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"Light and fire cleanses all and delivers us!"

Character Backstory[]

This fire genasi was transported through a strange planar shift after an explosion of uncontrolled power set fire to an entire village. With the help of local priests she was able to help save the towns people and hailed as a hero. Shunned by most for her strange appearance and feared by many for the powerful fire she wielded she took to the holy path like a moth to a to speak. She seeks only to bring more people into the worship of the God of light and fire the holy trinity of fire lead by Brokk, with his brothers Sindri and Tyrr

Feats and Adventures[]

  • Participated in Ruby in the Rough where she lead the party to some disasters through bring enticed into danger by giant flames.
  • Also fascinated by an Arracokra player believing her to be a blessed soul that flies close to the sun and so should be part of her order
  • Wasted time trying to preach scriptures to the "dark one" Daruul a half orc barbarian interested only in blood guts and glory
  • Involved in a massive brawl where the group helped steal back the ruby from another party. Stealthy magic missile bombing the lookout was a clutch move as was blessing a member of the party

Current Inventory[]

Custom holy symbol forged to represent the gods

Character Sheets[]

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