The Council of Loorou is a loosely organised governing body that, at least nominally, rules over the Lands of Loorou. It is made up of representatives from [Governing Body of Cordonis], Scrivener's Cabal, [Governing Body of Xarth] and the Burgomeister of Elphindale (although it may be noted that the Burgomeister is generally ignored by the other three members of the Council given that Elphindale is tiny when compared to the other three constituent cities). In theory, the Council is tasked with the organisation and defence of the Lands but it has been a long time since it has had a purpose to serve. In the time leading up to the Influx, the Council has come to be seen as something of a joke and as a junket with endless large lunches and not much work done.

The President of the Council is appointed by rotation (skipping the Burgomeister of Elphindale) every three years. At the time of the Influx, the Presidency is held by Xarth.

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