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Captain Amadeus Tusk, one of the Captains of the Witchguard in the city of Orvain, who is posted at the Arcaeum District was contacted by Lorekeeper Yverna about a rather sensitive matter one day. A chapter in one of the oldest books at the Arcaeum was missing and this breach of security at the Arcaeum was a highly sensitive matter. Add to it, the last known location of the book was the Godwell Manor - home to Orson Godwell, one of the biggest patrons of the Arcaeum, made the whole case a very delicate affair. Captain Tusk was authorised to band together a group of private investigators who could solve the case quickly and quietly without brining any disrepute to the Arcaeum or its patrons. Upon successfull resolution of the case in a clandenstine manner, Captain Tusk was impressed with these investigators and, being the meticulous note taker that he is, opened a file with the details of these fine adventurers in case he may require their services in the future. He labelled the file Cabal's Eye.


Captain Amadeus Tusk (Tiefling Male Lawful Good) [NPC]

Arya Shadeslayer – Female Aquatic Half Elf Storm Sorcerer

Guinevere – Female Wood Elf Circle of the Moon Druid

Ion Vald Arete Zeno – Male Kalashtar Knowledge Cleric

Owl in the Morning – Tabaxi Rogue

Sed Shiraz – Male Human Monk

Waldron Solidbrow – Male Human (Variant) Ranger Hunter


Influx Week 3 [Online]

  • The Theft at the Arcaeum - The Party were hired to investigate the case of a chapter from one of the oldest books in the Arcaeum Orbis being missing. The Party interrogated multiple suspects and zeroed in on the most likely one only to find him dead. The missing pages were retrieved but it was later discovered that the pages were in fact an expretly crafted replica of the original.