The Lands of Loorou Wiki

Arno’s Gambit[]

Founded on the grasslands south of Cordonis, the town of Arno’s Gambit is a scenic town that serves as a vacation resort along with a trading post between Cordonis and Xarth. It’s vast open stretches of land perfect for the various activities the rich and influential of Loorou love to partake in.

It also houses the Headquarters of the Sunrise Corporation

Notable Establishments[]

Sunrise HQ[]

The Main headquarters of sunrise Industries.Although it does have regional offices at major cities Sunrise chooses to deviate from the norm by having it’s center of operations town of Arno’s Gambit. Is it a brave gamble or is there another reason they’ve made this frankly unprecedented move?

Only time will tell.

The Astral Clocktower.[]

An imposing structure peering over the residents of Arno’s Gambit. Access to the interior is extremely limited and tales of what goes on inside are a regular topic of debate at the Cracked Beaker.

The Blacksmith[]

Although unassuming at first the Blacksmith is a true master of their craft from working on the "new fangled" inventions being pumped out of sunrise to entertain the highly influential guests that make their way to the town for some reprieve. From high performance horse saddles to sleek and artistic blades to even those with the most fantastical abilities everything can be found or crafted here for the right price.

The Crossroads Grand Rest[]

To call the Crossroads Grand Rest, the jewel of Arno’s Gambit, merely an Inn would be an understatement. It prides itself at always being able to provide new and unique experiences to all who are welcome. From the pulse pounding turns of The Astral Circuit to perhaps a calm and relaxing game at the Sunset Greens it rest provides this and so much more. Thus it isn’t difficult to justify the high cost of membership. However they do provide some modest lodgings for the number of adventurers passing through the town. 

  • The Astral Circuit

The Brainchild of the world renowned artist Vasia. This Magnificent 17 turn track loops around most of the Grand rest culminating in a long straight overlooked by the Astral Clock tower. A regular fixture the teams formed by sunrise engineers sponsored by the wealthy and affluent who see the races as a means of friendly competition while also contributing to the sciences. 

  • The Sunset Greens

A course built to accommodate the game of Golf allegedly invented by the Founder and Current head of Sunrise Erric Schiffer. This 9 hole course nestled in between turns 13 and 14 of the Astral Circuit  on one side and the River on the other provides another means of leisure to the town's guests.

  • The symphony of Destruction

An experimental band of bards using strange metal instruments that play exclusively at the Grand Rest. Another regular topic of discussion at the cracked beaker is the origins of the band’s lead, Beth Van Helen.

The Cracked Beaker[]

The Local pub frequented mostly by the engineers and employees of Sunrise along with merchants traveling through and the occasional group of adventurers. 

Sunrise Post #1[]

A trading post between Cordonis and Xarth.

The Mithril Vault(Under construction)[]

Unknown structure near the heart of town next to the Sunrise HQ