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Brief Description[]

The Arcaeum Orbis Image credit: Unknown, possibly image of Abbey Library of Saint Gall

The Arcaeum Orbis or the Great Library of Orvain is situated in the city of Orvain, where it takes up a large proportion of the northern part of the city. The Arcaeum was established by Scrivener Ashardelle and, like Orvain, is ruled and administered by Scrivener's Cabal. The Arcaeum was established as a repository of knowledge of all kinds, from every corner of the Lands, and is known far and wide as the largest collection of books, tomes, scrolls and grimoires in Loorou.

Access to the Arcaeum[]

Access to the Arcaeum is strictly restricted and the restriction is enforced by the Witchguard. Entry can be gained only by payment of a large fee (said to be in the hundreds of GP) or by presentation of a letter of introduction known as a Writ of Marque. Writs of Marque are issued by certain prominent citizens of the Lands designated for this purpose by the Arcaeum. While their identities are not generally known, scholars or people who have need to access the Arcaeum will generally be able to find the identity of individuals who have the authority to issue Writs. The exclusivity of access is intended as a measure to protect the knowledge contained within the Arcaeum. Individuals accessing the Arcaeum are expected to carry their Writ on their person and to present it when asked for, which can even occur while they are within the library.


The Arcaeum occupies a large keep within a walled compound that takes up most of the northern portion of Orvain. It is an almost self-contained town within Orvain. While some portion of the workers and scholars within the Arcaeum also have quarters (some quite lavish) within the Arcaeum itself, a large number of workers and scholars also have temporary or permanent lodgings within the surrounding parts of Orvain and leave the Arcaeum every evening after their work or research is done.