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Brief Description[]

Altai, her family name lost in the mists of time, was a legendary warrior. Her name was synonymous with the weapon she wielded, a two-handed warhammer known as the Skyhammer. She commanded the Shattered Remnant until their fall at the Hidden Academy around twenty years before the Influx.



Altai and the Shattered Remnant were contracted to defend the Hidden Academy against a rioting populace. For weeks they held firm, as would be expected for a band of storied adventurers fighting against an untrained rabble. Except the waves of rioters kept coming, far beyond the point where they should have broken and fled back to their sordid lives.

Nobody now knows how the rioters managed the inconceivable, except they did, and the walls were breached and the waves poured past the defenders into the Academy. When the crowd finally cleared, the Academy had been razed practically to the ground, the rioters' bloodlust finally sated.

The Shattered Remnant was wiped out almost to a man, the Skyhammer herself dragged down from the ramparts and killed, her body mutilated nearly beyond recognition. She and the Remnant are interred in the collapsed cellars of what was once the Academy, a mound of rubble the only evidence of the heroes buried below.